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Heyo! Thanks for visiting, guys! I'll add more soon!!

I ship from the U.S.A
I would prefer Paypal! 
Just ask about shipping prices once you have your eye on an item.
I ship all over the country, but expect things out of the U.S. to be expensive.
Negotiating is fine!

Orders over $30.00 will receive free gifts!
Rilakkuma Cups
Doremon Cups
Mamegoma Pencil Cases

1. Dark Magician Girl Costume
Sell Price: $65.00
About: Comes with everything. The costume, the hat, the shoes, the gauntlets, and the wand!

2. Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama Yellow Dark Tournament OUtfit
Sell Price: $15.00
About: The Yellow costume. Also comes with rose~

3. Shugo Chara Amulet Clover Costume
Sell Price: $85.00
About: Amulet Clover costume!! Really cute! Add a Petticoat under to give it an extra poof! Willing to sell a Petticoat for a little bit extra. Comes with shoes, apron, costume, headdress, and Clover clip.

4. Pit Costume Kid Icarus/Super Smash Bros Brawl.
Sell Price: $30.00
About: Pit costume for Brawl or Kid Icarus! Comes with swords (can be sold separately), shoes, wings, and leg warmers.

5. Neko Heart Hat
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: Really cute hat!! Very very warm! Never really wore it. 

6. Rilakkuma Slippers
Original Price: $35.00
Sell Price: $25.00
About: Really warm slippers, but I barely worn them! 

7. Howl's Moving Castle Sophie
Sell Price: $30.00
About: Nice Sophie costume really warm and comes with hat.

8. Rilakkuma Purse
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: Really small purse with little pouch inside!

9. Light Yagami Plushie
Original Price: $30.00
Sell Price: $15.00
About: Light Yagami Doll for all the Light and Death Note Fans

10. Puchiko Hat
Sell Price: $10.00

11,. InuYasha Wallet
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price; $10.00

12. Strawberry Pocky Stick
Original Price: $15.00
Sell Price: $5.00

13. Manga Collection - If interested just tell me which ones. Each manga is $5.00. Combine them for a cheaper deal!

Yaoi mangas are $7.00 Each. Buy two for $12.00. Buy three for $18.00. Buy all Four for $24.00 

14. Honey Senpai's Bunny Bag
Original Price: $25.00
Sell Price: $15.00
About: From Ouran High School Host Club this is Honey's bunny in a backpack form.

15.Pink Japanese Kimono
Original Price: $90.00
Sell Price: $50.00
About: Completely silk kimono. Very cute!

16. Lolita Cat Ear Headband
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00

17. Ribbon and Bows White/Pink & Black/Pink cat ears
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About:Really cute and well made cat ears with fur, ribbons, jewels, and fuzziness.

18. Full Metal Alchemist Edward Figurine
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: very nice Edward figurine I had for a little while. 

19. Cowboy Bebop Ein Plushie
Original Price: $25.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: Ein doggie from Cowboy Bebop very soft and cute!

20. Death Note Ryuk Plushie Doll
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: 10.00
About: Ryuk Doll for Death Note

21. Pokemon Shaymin Sky Form Plushie
Originl Price: $35.00
Sell Price: $20.00
About: Shaymin Sky Form. Original Japanese Plushie. Love this plushie to death! Still very new!

22.20 Inch Giant Shadow Plushie
Original Price: $25.00
Sell Price: $15.00
About: Super duper big Shadow Plushie 20 inches  from Sonic the Hedgehog. 

23. Syaoran and Sakura
Original Price: $20.00 for both
Sakura: $8.00
Syaoran: $15.00

24. Full metal Alchemist Wallscroll
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: FMA Wallscroll!! Really big and nice!

25. Tsubasa Wallscroll
Original Price: $25.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: From Tsubasa Chronicles, both Sakura and Syaoran

26. Bleach Wall Scroll
Original Price: $25.00
Sell Price: $10.00
About: From the series Bleach. Contains the whole cast

27. Gurren Lagann Wallscroll
Original Price: $35.00
Sell Price: $20.00
About: Gorgeous wallscroll! Definitely worth the $35.00. I fell in love with it once I saw it. Very nice and big size.

28. Anime Black Demon Horns
Sell Price: $10.00
About: Demon horns. Use them to act out a dark anime or video game character!

29. Wigs- If Interested just tell me which one!  Buy two or more together and get a better deal!


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