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Lolita Clothing, Accessories, Headbands, Pettis, Shugo Chara Clover, Free Gift!

Heeyoo!! I'm selling a few of my lolita items!

Everything must go!!
Negotiating is fine!!

Just ask about shipping!
I ship from Cincinnati, Ohio in the U.S.A. I ship all over!

Items over $70.00 will receive this free cute pinky kuma purse!

Okay, here we gooo!

1. Lacey Pink Lolita Dress
Size: M
Original Price: $97.00
Sell Price: $70.00
About: Only worn once, really didn't use it much! It comes with lacey arm sleeves that can detached and be reattached!

Proof:  i48.photobucket.com/albums/f207/Fumouffu/Selling/DSCI0891.jpg

2. Limited Edition Annahouse Yellow Flower Classic Lolita Dress 
Size: M
Original Price: $ Around 100.00
Sell Price: $80.00
About: Bought it from AH, but after I bought it they immediately took it done from their site and don't sell this dress anymore! It's a very nice dress! Extremely elegant! -^__^-/)/)
Being Worn by a friend:

 3 .Pink Lolita Heart Coat
Size: S-M
Original Price: $150.00 + Pink Lolita Bow $10.00
Sell Price: $95.00+ Pink Lolita Bow FREE
About: Worn a bit during the winter! Very cute and very comfortable. Outside is wool, and even has a silky lining on the inside! Only a few of these exists! It also comes with a detachable cape!

4. Cherry Lolita Skirt with Cherry Bow
Size: M
Original Price: $40.00
Sell Price: $25.00
About: I got this from ITS awhile ago~! It's really cute! Barely worn, too! Can't get another like this! Throwing in Free Cherry Lolita Socks!

5. Shugo Chara Amulet Clover Costume/Loli inspired
Size: M
Sell Price: $85.00
About: This is a high quality handmade costume. It comes with the shoes, the clover hair clip, the headband, the apron, and the costume itself!!

6 Satin Lolita Bow Pillow
Sell Price: $10.00
About: Very cute and very comfty pillow out to make like a lolita bow! 

7. Petticoat Dress / Slip Dress
Original Price: $55.00
Sell Price: $20.00
About: This is very very comfortable and very poofy! I loved this a lot!

8. Lolita Cat Ear Headband
Original Price: $20.00
Sell Price: $10.00

Thank you everyone!! Post below and we'll talk~! Thank you for checking it out!! I appreciate it!
Feed Back: fumouffu.livejournal.com/1768.html
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